The 100: Let’s talk about the Eligius prisoners


During the most recent episode of The 100, viewers got a feel for the dynamics between the Eligius prisoners. Our antagonists are currently following the orders of Diyoza, but will her leadership last?

Sleeping Giants,” the third episode of The 100‘s fifth season, aired this week and gave fans some insight into the relationships between the Eligius prisoners. For starters, we finally know more about their backstory.

It appears that the inmates who landed in Clarke’s new home missed out on both apocalypses. They were frozen in a condition known as “hypersleep,” and they overthrew what they refer to as a “fascist” government to get back to Earth. This was done under the leadership of Charmaine Diyoza.

When Diyoza captures Clarke, we get a glimpse into her relationships with the other prisoners as well. They appear to respect her as their commander. She certainly is Clarke’s match in that regard: She’ll do anything to ensure her people remain alive. That becomes clear when Bellamy threatens to kill 283 of them.

But while Diyoza is currently calling the shots, she’s still receiving pushback from some of her men. Specifically, McCreary and Shaw tend to question her decisions. They’re almost like the devil and angel on her shoulders.

McCreary is clearly the devil in this analogy. Throughout most of “Sleeping Giants,” he threatens to disobey her orders in favor of a more violent approach. While Diyoza has proven herself ruthless, it also seems she can be reasoned with. McCreary, on the other hand, is out for blood. And the other inmates listen to him.

McCreary’s opposite, the prisoners rarely listen to Shaw’s input. One of two nonviolent offenders, Shaw tends to push Diyoza in a more peaceful direction. He questions why I think must come to war, and he attempts to cooperate with Clarke instead torturing her. And while she doesn’t always heed his advice, Diyoza does hold him in high esteem.

With these tensions between the new antagonists, it seems likely that conflict will arise between them. It’s possible that the prisoners following McCreary will attempt to overthrow Diyoza for being too amiable toward Skaikru. We’ve seen this play out before with the grounder clans.

There’s also a chance Diyoza will be unwilling to make a decent deal with Clarke and the others. Such a move could result in Shaw isolating himself from the others. His moral compass does seem to be pointing in that direction.

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Whatever happens, it’s sure to create more complications between Skaikru and Eligius. We’ll have to wait to find out. The next episode of The 100 airs Tuesday, May 15.