Thor: Ragnarok wins ‘gayest’ movie in MCU and Taika Waititi is so proud


Taika Waititi was not above gently teasing other members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Thor: Ragnarok is the “single gayest movie” in the MCU.

It’s Pride Month, and we’re also in something resembling a Marvel lull (if only because there isn’t a new movie until next month), so Vulture decided to rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe films by how gay they are.

Yes, really.

The thing is that Taika Waititi apparently saw it, in a find by ComicBook, and was quite pleased about where Thor: Ragnarok landed on the list:

Sure, it might be the easier tease to go after Iron Man, but we would have been really impressed if he could have managed to talk trash about Captain America. (Then again, that probably would have invited the Stucky shippers over, and he probably knows better than to try and win against them.) Seriously: half of the top four movies in this ranking are from that subseries, and it’s mostly because of Steve and Bucky.

As for Guardians of the Galaxy, we can’t disagree with Vulture noting that “we were all hot for Chris Pratt back then,” but we’re still mad at Star-Lord right now.

Aside from all of this, though, it’s great to see Waititi embracing this take on the MCU. The franchise is taking small steps to improve its representation across the board, and it seems like Waititi is open to continuing that progression. (Here’s hoping he gets to direct another film, preferably a Thor movie. Can you imagine what he can do now that he’s already done this once before?)

Both of the above-linked outlets also mention the Valkyrie controversy that surrounded the film, though, proving that there’s still work to be done.

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All in all, though, rewatching Thor: Ragnarok seems like an excellent way to mix superheroes and Pride Month. It’s on Netflix, too, so what are you waiting for this weekend?