25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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3. The Doctor and the TARDIS from Doctor Who 

Well, now the Doctor can be whatever gender we desire. But, for years, any woman who took on the Doctor was genderbending the character. With the thirteenth Doctor being Jodi Whittaker, that changes things.

Still, there are some incredible Doctor cosplays out there that are women. Like one of the eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS. Now, we can’t really say whether or not the TARDIS is genderbent. The one time we did see the TARDIS in a human form, she was a woman but also that was because that was just the body the TARDIS was given.

The Doctor though, we know. Eleven was portrayed by Matt Smith and, surprisingly, a lot of women clung to his Doctor and love to cosplay as him. Bowtie, fez, tweed and all, these cosplayers don’t hold back on recreating the iconic look of the eleventh Doctor.

While it isn’t hard to find a lot of his costume, most cosplayers want accuracy and they’re perfect. As long as they have the suspenders though, you can’t forget the Doctor’s suspenders.

As Eleven says “I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me” and sometimes, that means these amazing women cosplaying as him!