25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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2. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast 

As the song says, “no one fights like Gaston, looks as good in a dress and tights like Gaston” right? Well, sometimes a female Gaston is what we need in our life. The overly masculine villain in Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is always depicted as a man with huge muscle and a big ego to go along with them.

So when ladies take him on, it is truly a sight to see. Most turn his tunic into a dress, wearing boots and the iconic red and yellow shirt and making sure their muscles look on point. Granted though, Gaston is one of those villains that we all love to hate.

He turned against the Beast simply because the Beast had Belle, the one thing Gaston wanted and couldn’t get, so to see women in dresses play him is something else entirely. Not that it is a bad thing but it is also a dig at the character who is so overly male that you can’t help but laugh at the idea. This character would definitely hate seeing these looks.

Or maybe he’d be into them, he is one of the more self-centered Disney characters to exist. Gaston might like a woman who looks and dresses like he does.