25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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6. Diana Prince from Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman was the highly anticipated movie of 2017. For years, we’ve waited to see her take on the big screen and fans weren’t disappointed. Her and Steve Trevor helped to stop Aries from continuing his warpath during World War I and we were finally given the Diana Prince we dreamed of.

So, of course, everyone clung to this new Diana and begun cosplaying her. Men and women alike took on the famed Amazon, and many were serious about the job. Before, a cheesy Wonder Woman cosplay wasn’t hard to find. But the emotional impact that Wonder Woman had on audiences almost seemed to stop that trend.

She changed the world both in the movie and in real life and the respect that these male cosplayers have for Diana Prince is truly inspirational. A good cosplay is great to see but when it is a man dressed as Wonder Woman, showing his dedication to the character? That’s something amazing.

In a world where many want to ridicule her importance, to see men fully embracing Wonder Woman to the point where they want to create a dedicated cosplay to her shows the significance of this character and her importance on screen.