25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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5. Eleven from Stranger Things 

Look, who doesn’t love a good Stranger Things look? This is almost one of those “men cosplaying as women” characters that you want them to cheese it up. A great Eleven cosplay is a great Eleven cosplay no matter what.

There is a whole range of looks out there. From her shaved head and dress (just trying to find some Eggos) to her “B*itchin’” look from season 2, Eleven (or Jane) has become one of the most portrayed characters in the cosplay community.

So, of course, a really serious take on her character has us excited. She’s portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown so when a big burly man plays Eleven, we all kind of laugh. Not because its bad but rather because Millie is a young girl who is maybe five feet tall.

Still, this cosplayer’s take on the character is fun. Using the iconic look from season 1, he’s honoring her saving Mike Wheeler after one of the bullies from school tries to throw him off a cliff. It’s a tension-filled moment, it shows dedication, and it is an Eleven that we know and love. It also helps that this cosplayer seems to really get the character and brings her to life in a fun way!