25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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7. Tony Stark from Iron Man

Tony Stark is the reason the Marvel Cinematic Universe exists today. With the start of Iron Man 10 years ago, we embarked on this journey and, for many, he’s still their favorite character. So it isn’t surprising that many want to bring him to life in a variety of cosplay ways.

To see a female Tony isn’t exactly surprising. While there are plenty of fans of different ages and races, it seems as if women take a liking to Tony and his antics more than anyone else. That being said, there are still plenty of male cosplays of Tony Stark out there. They’re just not this amazing looking.

The dedication that fans have to Tony is amazing, especially if you’re cosplaying him with his arc reactor. Granted, now after Avengers: Infinity War, he kind of has a new one.

Still, looks like this cosplayer is bringing us back to the movie that started it all. Remember when Tony stood in his black tank top and started to build his first suit? It’s iconic and one of the reasons we all love the MCU as it is today.