Is Wonder Woman 1984 introducing something for Diana to fly with?


Okay, Diana might not have the power to fly, but Wonder Woman 1984 might help her with that per some new video shot by a fan.

Whether or not Wonder Woman can actually fly in the DCEU is still a mystery. Last year, during promotions for Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins hinted that it’s possible that she could “use her powers progressively” at some point to pull it off, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s made it into Wonder Woman 1984. However, what may have made it, as found by CBR, is Wonder Woman’s mechanical power to fly: the invisible jet.

Granted, that’s not confirmed by any stretch of the imagination. All we have is live-action video, sans any CGI magic.

But here it is:

Props to Gal Gadot. It cannot be easy to do some serious acting when you have to pretend to sit in midair while suspended in a harness and then get whooshed along a street.

Anyway, the jet makes a bit of sense. With Cheetah confirmed as a major villain in the movie, Diana may have to travel to some fairly remote locations to understand how best to combat this new enemy. Additionally, who knows? Steve Trevor might have some flying to do for her. Can you imagine some flying lessons to rekindle the two’s romance?

The big question is this: if this is Diana’s jet, how does she get it? CBR documents some of the history as well. In some comics runs, it’s a piece of alien technology that fell to Themyscira; considering that Wonder Woman 1984 will take place at least partially in Washington, D.C., perhaps it’s a gift from some contacts Diana still has in the military?

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It’s really unclear so far, so we’ll have to hope that more photos and video emerge soon to give us a closer look at what’s really going on in Wonder Woman 1984!