20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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19. Mushu

One of the best things about the entire movie is the character Mushu. Mushu is a small talking dragon who is one of Mulan’s guardians and is played by Eddie Murphy. In the movie, Mushu messed up as a guardian and was stripped of his title. He was made to ring the gong to wake up the ancestors.

He ended up following Mulan and giving her hilarious bits of motivation throughout her time as a soldier in the army. From breaking off the ear of the great stone dragon to helping Mulan take down Shan Yu, Mushu is an amazing character that makes me laugh. Eddie Murphy’s personality really shines through, which really makes the “little lizard” come to life.

One of the best favorite moments with Mushu is when Mulan smacks him and he says: “That’s it! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!” It’s very over the top and hilarious, but it’s even funnier to me as an adult than it was 20 years ago. Even though Mushu was only helping Mulan for his own personal gain, he grew fond of her and wanted to make everything right.

You can see that come to light after Mulan is discovered as a woman and he does everything he can to cheer her up and make her believe in herself again. If it hadn’t been for Mushu, Mulan may not have saved China.