20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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20. “Reflection”

I am an avid lover of Disney movie songs, and Mulan has some of the best! After Mulan disappoints her family by making a fool out of the famous matchmaker, she “reflects” on who she wants to be versus the girl she needs to be. “Reflection” is a song that hits me right in the feels, and I can’t help but sing along.

When Mulan takes off half of her makeup during the song, it shows that dilemma, and we know she feels awful for wanting to be herself. While it can be quite a depressing song, it is also beautiful and real. Many Disney films only show the happy moments or simple tribulations.

Mulan is different because it shows real issues that are relatable. The actress, Lea Salonga, sings it for the movie, but there’s also a fantastic version from a then17-year-old Christina Aguilera who made it big off of the song. Both of these singers brought the song to life with their killer pipes and intense emotions to back it up. Reflection is a song we will all be signing forever.