20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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4. Mulan’s ancestors are hilarious

After Mulan runs away from home, Grandma Fa asks the ancestors for help, and they oblige. When Mushu rings the gong and wakes them all up, hilarity ensues. Basically, the ghost ancestors of the Fa family have a huge argument over why Mulan ran away.

They also freak out about what will happen when she gets back. They say they will lose the farm and the whole family will be dishonored. One ancestor says, “My children never caused so much trouble they became acupuncturists!”

Then one said, “We can’t all be acupuncturists,” while another replied, “No, your great granddaughter had to become a crossdresser!” Okay, much like the Eddie Murphy joke, maybe they pushed it a little too far with the last bit — but the entire part is a great scene because the ghosts fight remind us of our own families, and all the crazy arguments that we get into with them even though we love them.

This scene is not really that important to the story line, but it is hilarious and always makes me laugh. Disney is great at taking things from history or cultures and making them funny for children. And that is exactly what this scene does. We get to understand a bit about the importance of family in Chinese culture while having a laugh which is awesome.