20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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5. “Honor to Us All”

“Honor to Us All” is an interesting song from Mulan, right at the beginning of the movie. It’s about getting all the young women ready to meet the match maker. The match maker will then find a man for them to marry. But each woman has to go through tests and questions before that can happen.

The main test is in looks, which is why Mulan bathes and then has her hair and makeup done. While it is a fun and catchy song, it also highlights the high expectations that women are expected to attain to get a husband. The lyrics say, “Men want girls with good taste. Calm. Obedient. Who work fast-paced. With good breeding. And a tiny waist. You’ll bring honor to us all.”

Even the read as sexist on page, why is it a good song? Because it shows what many women went through in their society. Baring sons and being obedient were the main things that women had to do and men looked for in a bride. Even having makeup and a really defined waist is important in Mulan’s world, and that is not her. When we see what Mulan has be like in her culture, we root for her to stay true to herself. And of course, we know that she does.