25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Shannon strips down, gets emotional about weight – RHOC

I wouldn’t normally describe a Housewife as “brave,” but Shannon Beador’s last few seasons have been a testament to how courageous a person can be. Struggling with marital problems and infidelity, Shannon put on a tiny bit of weight and decided to document her weight loss on camera. Again, by real-life standards, her weight gain wasn’t all that extreme, but she was saddened and concerned about it all the same.

The toughest moment in all of this, aside from watching her garbage-human of husband mistreat her, is the time she went to her trainer and took her shirt off in front of cameras and audiences, all. In order to gauge her starting point, Shannon had to weigh in and get measured, all while wearing just a sports bra. You could see the humiliation on her face, as the trainer assessed her body fat and the number on the scale, and I have never related more to a housewife.

Any woman in the world, no matter what their size, can connect to feeling insecure about the way you look. Even though we see a beautiful, vivacious woman standing in front of us, she saw something very, very different. In most instances, she treated her weight gain with self-deprecating humor and cynical jokes, but she wasn’t laughing at that moment.

Living in a community where a size 8 is considered plus-size, taking your shirt off and allowing cameras to capture the number on the scale is bold and completely fearless. I won’t even say that number to my closest friends or lovers, much less allow the whole world in on it. Take it as cultural indoctrination or the insane beauty expectations women face, but Shannon Beador took them all on at that moment. Well done, Shannon. You’re kind of rock star.