25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Tamara throws wine directly into Jeana Keough’s face – RHOC

Leave it to the ladies from the OC to keep their fighting super catty and petty. Other cities pull wigs and flip tables, but these ladies only get as dirty as a tossed glass of wine. Of course, in the real world, throwing a glass of wine in someone’s face is absolutely an act of aggression, but for the Housewives standards, I’ll admit, it’s pretty low key.

Jeana Keogh, the recipient of the wine to the face, wasn’t even on this show anymore, and Tamara, the wine thrower, was just attending the same party. The beef started over Jeana’s alliance to Tamara’s awful ex-husband Simon, so Tamara knew there was going to be a confrontation when she got there.

Tamara, never known for reasonability or logical-thinking, was incensed that Jeana would have the audacity to side with Simon, and she was spoiling for a fight, In fact, I bet she went and got that glass of red with the sole intent of tossing it at Jeana. Once it was over, Jeana left the party, escorted by a chirping friend shouting nonsensical insults at Tamara and the camera as they teetered down the driveway.

In Tamara’s defense, her ex was perceived as a pretty bad guy at the time, and she alleged that he treated her awfully after their divorce. So, I can understand the anger when one of their mutual friends would take his side. Lots of juicy gossip has emerged about how things actually went down concerning their split and custody arrangements, so in hindsight, I might be on Jeana’s side.