25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Kim sings “Tardy for the Party” for the first time – RHOA

Less controversial or outrageous, Kim Zolziack’s erstwhile attempt at singing was just downright cringe-worthy. Sure, Kandi whipped her into acceptable shape and dumped a lot of autotune to for the final version of “Tardy for the Party,” but we first heard her attempt it, it was terrible.

Disregarding Kim’s terrible wig and far too long French tips, it was perhaps the single most embarrassing thing to ever happen to a Housewife. If you’re a fan of the collection of shows, then you know that’s really saying something, as these ladies are collectively shameless and seemingly without any sort of semblance of dignity or integrity.

Kim’s song went on to do pretty well. But when we first heard her, standing in that booth, tripping over the lyrics, so off key it even hurt my eyes to watch, I felt sort of terrible for her. I can’t imagine any sane person volunteering to do that in front of cameras. She claimed to have a background in singing, but in what world does that noise sound good?

It was a tough watch, especially when she heard own voice on the tape and burst out crying. Kim’s character isn’t a very sympathetic one, but anyone with a heart in their chest would sympathize with her at that moment. She sounded like loose change in a wood chipper, and she knew it, and she knew we knew it too.

It’s less sad, however, when you consider how much money she made for that awful piece of trash. She earned it in humiliation equity, so I guess it was worth it in the end?