25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Bethenny outs Tom’s cheating to Luann – RHONY

We all saw it coming, just like the rest of the New York ladies, but poor Luann just couldn’t recognize the obvious. Her then-fiance, now-ex, was a total cad and cheater, but she was bound and determined to marry him anyway.

Things came to a head in a major way when the ladies took a trip together, and Bethenny got some incriminating texts about Tom, including pictures with another woman. Heavy is the messenger’s head, and Bethenny struggled with what to do with the news. Of course, she had to tell all the rest of the ladies what she says first, and once again, Lu was the last to be let in on the news.

In the now-infamous scene in which Bethenny sits Lu down, and Lu reacts, “Please say it’s not about Tom,” B lays it all on the line for her. It was, in fact, about Tom, and Luanne had to process this tidbit in front of cameras and in the wake of a lot of warnings about her soon to be husband.

As we all know, Luanne wound up still marrying the jerk, but it was touch and go there for a minute. Even when she called to confront Tom, he was flip about her humiliation and feelings of betrayal, and audiences thought surely she would break it off then and there.

She did not, and they were married shortly thereafter. Not surprisingly, they were divorced a short nine months later, and nobody was gasping in shock and disbelief. Not even a year later, Luanne was arrested in Palm Beach, the same place she and Tom were married, and she’s just now trying to get her life back on track.