25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Aviva wins an argument with her prosthetic leg – RHONY

It seems like complete and utter fiction, but I can vouch for this myself. Aviva, the only Housewife in the franchise’s history to have a prosthesis, knows how to sway a room. When defending some rumor or another, and batting accusations that she’s “fake,” she went for the win during one of the most shocking dinners in the show’s history.

Aviva made no secret about her leg, and it was front and center in plenty of conversations. The housewife even wrote a memoir called Leggy Blond, for heaven’s sake. However, she really upped her game when she took it off, at the table, and tossed it across the table. Defending allegations that her asthma diagnosis wasn’t real, she presented the only thing about her that is fake.

Coming at the end of a season plagued with Aviva drama, including the nonsensical #Bookgate, the leg toss was a fitting end to tough-to-watch run. The dinner, with all the RHONY ladies, started out fine enough, as they always do. But past skirmishes with the other women led Aviva to go on the defensive.

They say you have to win by any means necessary, but I’m not sure unhooking your fake leg and tossing it at your debate opponent is the way to go. The dinner, organized by Sonja back when we were still laughing with her and not at her, turned significantly horrifying once the leg hit the table.

You can watch the other women become increasingly mortified as they understand what has happened. Some get up and walk away, while others just sit there, mouth hanging open, clutching their pearls. I’m all for a powerful gesture, but how do you come back from a moment like that? You would really lose a lot of ground by having to reach across the table to retrieve it and then strap it back on. Aviva didn’t really think it through.