25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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The wig pull heard ’round the world – RHOA

Arguably the most daring of the Bravo franchise, Real Housewives of Atlanta never disappoints. Those first few seasons were an exercise in surprise and delight. Resident wig-wearer Kim Zolziack was often at the center of all this hubbub and a lot of the shade thrown her way had to do with her (sometimes) unfortunate wig.

In the first half of the second season, Kim was still trying out alliances and discovering her frenemies, and she and Sheree fell on opposite sides of an argument. When Nene tried to broker a sit down between Kim and Sheree, things went awry. Sheree wound up chasing Kim into the street when she tried to leave.

Once outside, things escalated from just cursing and shouting to actual physical contact, when Sheree reached up and gave Kim’s wig a snatch. Thankfully (or maybe not) her wig stayed put, but that small aggression sent Kim into a full-on meltdown. Kim tries to leave the situation, to her credit, but Sheree won’t let it lie and continues to follow her down the sidewalk, shouting.

These two grown women are standing in the street, screaming at each other, looking like crazy folks, while Nene stands between them trying to separate the two. If things weren’t insane enough, we get a quick glimpse of Michael Lohan, of all folks. Inexplicably, he happened to be on the scene when the infamous wig pull went down, and I think he actually came to Kim’s rescue. Weird, right?