25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Porsha accuses Kandi of all kinds of kinky (and dangerous) sex stuff – RHOA

Y’all … You can’t make this stuff up. I am an unabashed fan of the ladies of Atlanta, and this franchise is, by far, my very favorite. It’s mostly because of insanity such as this. These women are completely uninhibited when it comes to serving up the drama, and they know what we want to see. They really don’t think twice about giving it. I thank the universe for them every single night.

In season 9, all sorts of trouble had been brewing between Porsha and, well, everyone. Of course Porsha and Kenya had their beef (more on that later), but little did we know that Phaedra was in Porsha’s ear about Kandi. As rumors about Kandi’s sexuality began to circulate, it became clear that Porsha was being fed a lot of wild allegations about Kandi, her husband, and their bedroom exploits.

Phaedra told Porsha that Kandi had a sex dungeon in which all sorts of kinky stuff went on. She also reported that Kandi and her husband Todd would often bring women into the sex dungeon for a little three-way action. While this seems like juicy gossip, it’s not really all that outrageous.

Phaedra, never one to be diminished, upped her rumor game, whispering in Porsha’s ear that Kandi and her hubs wanted her to join in the sex dungeon fun, and they planned to drug her to make it happen. Now that is salacious and shocking, and Kandi reacted appropriately.

Thinking it would be received like all the other spilled tea, Porsha underestimated Kandi’s reaction. Obviously, Kandi treated it as seriously as it should be and pressed Porsha to ‘fess up to where she heard it. At the reunion, as they all sat together, Kandi pressed, Porsha admitted it was Phaedra, and then, in a shocking turn of events, Phaedra admitted she lied. It was television gold.