20 of our favorite Tyrion Lannister moments because we’re going to miss him

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7. S3E10: Tyrion’s reaction to the Red Wedding

If there was ever any doubt that Tyrion is the most decent Lannister, it was snuffed out with his reaction to the Red Wedding. When he enters the small council, Joffrey reads him Walder Frey’s letter, stating that he has acquired two wolf pelts.

Confused by the meaning, Tyrion brushes Joffrey off. But upon discovering that the Starks were slaughtered at the dinner table, he shows nothing but contempt for the methods his family used to defeat their enemies.

And when Joffrey envisions the ways he’ll torture Sansa, Tyrion loses it. He informs Joffrey that the girl is “no longer his to torment.” And when his nephew rebuts by calling him a monster, he outright threatens the boy’s life. It’s an awkward moment for everyone in the room, but it’s also so necessary. Someone needs to keep the murderous boy king in check.

8. S4E6 : Tyrion’s trial for Joffrey’s murder.

Oddly enough, many of Tyrion’s best scenes happen during trials — trials during which he stands wrongly accused. When he is blamed for Joffrey’s murder, Tyrion must undergo a trial in King’s Landing. And with Tywin and Cersei running the affair, he knows it’s doomed.

Fed up with his family, Tyrion finally snaps. He tells his father that he’s ready to confess, asking if that’s what Tywin wishes to hear. He then tells the audience that he’s “guilty of being a dwarf.” Looking Tywin in the face, he follows with: “I’ve been on trial for that my entire life.”

Dinklage then goes on to give an Oscar-worthy performance, portraying Tyrion’s hurt and anger at the betrayal. After all he’s done for his family and King’s Landing, he’s the last one who should be at the podium. And he makes that abundantly clear.

The scene closes with Tyrion refusing to lose his life over Joffrey’s death. “I will let the gods decide my fate. I demand a trial by combat.”