20 best moments from Sex and the City

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“…the day I got arrested for smoking a doobie!” (“The Post-It Always Sticks Twice”)

Our next Sex and the City moment takes place immediately after our last moment, when Carrie was venting to Berger’s friends about what a jerk move it was to break up with her through a Post-It note.

After leaving the bar with Samantha, Carrie says the night turned into a total bust. She didn’t want that day to forever be remembered as the day she was dumped by Berger, but it wasn’t turning out to be a great night… until Samantha pulls out a joint. The two gals excitedly light it up right there on the street, and to Carrie’s surprise, it is some strong weed!

When Samantha scurries off to take a phone call, Carrie is contemplating how her relationship “had gone to pot — literally” and realizes that no matter what happens, good or bad, this will always be the day she was broken up with by a Post-It… that is, until the cops pull up. They have to bring her downtown and they even put her in the back of the squad car, but Miranda and the girls all try to get her off.

The officer genuinely feels bad when he finds out about the Post-It situation, so he writes her up for smoking in a bar instead of smoking pot, and lets her go. The girls laugh about the whole thing over an ice cream sundae later, where Carrie exclaims that it’s midnight, so it’s officially the end of the day that will always be known as the day she “got arrested for smoking a doobie!”