20 best moments from Sex and the City

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Miranda’s embarrassing “peep show” (“Games People Play”)

It wouldn’t be Sex and the City without the women sharing their embarrassing sexcapades. While some of them have more embarrassing experiences than others, they all end up unlucky in love at some point in the series. Miranda, on the other hand, has one embarrassing moment that will forever make us cringe.

Miranda isn’t as sex-positive or forward as Samantha, but she’s not as prudish as Charlotte. When she notices a handsome man in the building across from her watching her through the window, her first instinct is to be scared. But when it happens again the next night, and he smiles and waves, she happily waves back.

This was becoming kind of a routine every night for Miranda, and then it got serious. One night, Neighbor Guy is in a towel and asks Miranda to spin around for her. Then, he pulls down his towel a bit to reveal his perfect posterior.

Miranda wants to play fair, so she gives him something in return. She unbuttons her robe and flashes her chest to the mysterious man across the street. So sexy! So liberating! So… not what she expected.

She runs into the man at the grocery store and sheepishly goes over to introduce herself. The man has no idea who she is, until he realizes “oh yeah right, you’re the girl who lives above the guy I’ve been cruising.”

HOW. EMBARRASSING. Miranda obviously runs away without saying another word, because honestly, what else could she possibly do? Hopefully, she went home and put up some blackout curtains, too.