20 best moments from Sex and the City

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The Post-It (“The Post-It Always Sticks Twice”)

If you’ve ever had a bad breakup, just stop and think to yourself: was it as bad as the time Carrie Bradshaw was broken up with by a Post-It?

After a meeting with her book publisher, Carrie meets an author named Jack Berger and is immediately smitten. When the two start dating, it’s obvious how different their worlds are. He’s a starving artist type, and she’s the type of person who spends hundreds of dollars she doesn’t have on a pair of shoes. Even with their differences, it’s still a pretty major relationship for Carrie.

When the couple start facing some struggles, they decide to give the relationship their best and try to make it work. But in the middle of the night, Berger leaves and all that’s left for Carrie is a note on a Post-It: “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” And that’s all it says.

Carrie is, understandably, furious over this cop-out and gets to take out her frustrations when she runs into Berger’s friends at a bar. She gets even angrier when they take his side, saying there’s no “good way” to break up with someone because the woman will always freak out. It doesn’t take long before Carrie is shouting at the men right there in the bar, “There is a good way to break up with someone! And it doesn’t include a Post-It!”

Carrie’s angry rant is a big eff you to all the guys in the world who don’t have the courage to actually do the right thing and break up with a woman to her face. That moment also really helped Carrie deal with her emotions over the breakup in a (kinda) healthy way. That is, until she gets in a little trouble with the law…