20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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Shortcomings (Season 2, Episode 15)

In the last episode on the list, Charlotte asked, “am I a wh-re.” In this episode, she pretty much accuses Samantha of being one. Meanwhile, Carrie’s dating a guy who’s perfect on paper, whose family she adores, but he just can’t seem to… hold it in.

Charlotte’s brother Wesley comes into town and announces he’s divorcing his wife, Lesley (seriously, Wesley and Lesley). Charlotte is shocked and tries to get him to reconsider throwing away his marriage, but when she finds Samantha in her kitchen in nothing but Wesley’s shirt, she knows it’s really over, and she isn’t happy.

She immediately freaks out on her friend, shouting “Is your vagina in the New York City guidebooks? Because it should be, it’s the hottest spot in town, it’s always open!” It’s not until Wesley tells her how badly he needed sex — his frigid wife hadn’t had sex with him in two years — that she finally forgives Samantha, with a lovely basket of muffins and jam.

Carrie, on the other hand, probably wished it was so easy. Her boyfriend, writer Vaughn Wysel, is attractive, smart, and has the greatest family. His mother is a documentary filmmaker, who is very sex positive and loves Carrie’s columns. The entire family embraces Carrie, and she loves them all too, the only problem is Vaughn has some issues in the bedroom involving premature ejaculation.

She wishes she can just date his family, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, and Carrie has to give them up.