20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl (Season 3, Episode 4)

Sex and The City was really progressive on a lot of issues at the time, such as the more light-hearted way they discussed abortion, though it still left something to be desired. In this episode, Carrie explores the concept of gender and sexuality with her new young beau, Sean.

Sean is openly bisexual, which kind of freaks Carrie out at first. And her friends are just as unaccepting, which is surprising for a group of sexually adventurous women such as these (minus Charlotte). Samantha thinks its just sexual experimentation, and Miranda says bisexuality is “greedy double-dipping”, and of course the typical arguments of bisexuality just being a layover on your way to being gay were also brought up.

It’s weird that these women, especially Carrie, a sex columnist, are so close-minded when it comes to bisexuality. Later, when Carrie attends a party with Sean’s friends, they decide to play spin the bottle. The bottle lands on Carrie when guest star Alanis Morissette spins the bottle, and she laughs it off assuming she’ll spin it again. But since these youngsters are so sexually adventurous, she goes right in for the kiss with Carrie, and Carrie lets her.

Carrie has her short moment of experimentation and then leaves Sean at the party and never sees him again, because she’s just too old-fashioned or something. Even Charlotte experiments with gender-bending when an artist convinces her to get into male drag, so why can’t Carrie loosen up a bit? Her column could benefit from her expanding her horizons!