20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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Are We Sluts? (Season 3, Episode 6)

If you had to call any of the women from Sex and the City a “whore”, who would it be? Hopefully none of them, but if it had to be one of them, it definitely wouldn’t be Charlotte.

On this season 3 episode, the show definitely earned its title. Charlotte’s new beau has a tendency to shout out obscenities at her when he orgasms. After he shouts “you f–king wh-re”, Charlotte starts to worry that she is a wh-re. She tries to tell the guy about it, and he didn’t even know he was doing it!

Miranda also starts wondering if she might be one after she finds out she has chlamydia. She makes a list of her sexual partners — 42 men — and has to call them all, which is especially awkward for Steve, who has to get tested too.

Samantha, who’s never ashamed of her sexual promiscuity, starts to feel like a pariah in her fancy apartment building due to her frequent male guests. After a violent burglar sneaks into the building behind one of her gentlemen callers and the other tenants find out it was her, they treat her like a leper.

Meanwhile, Carrie has the opposite problem. Things have been going well with Aidan, but he doesn’t want to sleep with her. He keeps asking her out, but it never makes it to the bedroom. She discusses it with the girls to figure out what the problem might be (“Gay,” said Samantha), but it turns out he just wants to take it slow.

This episode pretty much sums up the entire series. It demonstrates the ups and downs of casual dating in the city, and also how women are judged for dating casually in the city.