15 times Tom Holland stole our hearts

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2. When he was interviewed by this even cuter Spider-Man

It takes a lot to out-cute Tom Holland, but when little tiny child Liam went to interview Tom and Zendaya about Spider-Man: Homecoming, little did the world know that our hearts were about to be stolen three times over.

Liam was a cute little button, dressed in his own Spider-Man costume and bringing along a bunch of flowers to give to Zendaya. Tom Holland proclaimed that Liam was his favorite interviewer ever whilst Zendaya told Liam she almost mistook him for Spider-Man himself.

Long story short, everyone was at their super cutest throughout the two and a half minute interview. Tom made little Liam laugh when he asked him to show off his web wings and told him he was looking “swole” with his sewn-in six pack. When asked to choose the coolest superhero out of Captain America and Iron Man, Tom replied, “I was going to say you, Liam, but I’m going to have to say Iron-Man.”

Questionable, especially since Cap bearded it up. But we’ll allow it.

Tom and Zendaya also both acknowledged that with great power came great responsibility, highlighting the traits that made Spider-Man the best. Asked what it took to be a good Spider-Man, Zendaya replied, “He has to be nice; he has to be kind to people and he has to be smart”.

Tom generally agreed, telling the young interviewer that “Spider-Man is a good role model. He works really hard, does good with his powers. He’s a really lovely kid. Like yourself, Liam.”

If Liam wasn’t already convinced by that, Tom Holland teaching him how to sling webs probably sealed the deal.