15 times Tom Holland stole our hearts

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3. When he gave Rihanna a run for her money

Okay, we couldn’t go long without mentioning this absolutely iconic moment. Tom Holland, in the midst of promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, took part in Lip Sync Battle with co-star and friend Zendaya (we’re not commenting on the dating rumors since they have denied them, but we still adore that they’re such close friends).

What followed was something we Holland fans could only dream of. We knew the boy could dance from his time in the West End production of Billy Elliot, but we had no idea that, with the help of a corset, backflips and a solid wig, Tom Holland could propel us onto another, higher plane of existence.

Performing “Umbrella,” a song that arguably defined a generation (or at the very least defined the very wet British summer it topped the charts during), Tom did his very best impression of Rihanna. This in itself was ambitious since Rihanna is an inimitable pop genius.

He started more traditionally with “Singin’ in the Rain” and then went all out, strutting his considerable stuff with aplomb. Even Zendaya, a queen herself, was blown away.

And if we’re going to get a little deep about it, the fact that Tom didn’t hold back was yet another instance (we’ll get to more later) of him rejecting rigid masculinity and just going all out because why not? Tom Holland isn’t here for your narrow gender definitions – he’s here to dance to Rihanna, dressed as Rihanna, complete with a rain machine. He’s here to win Lip Sync Battle and he’ll do it in hotpants.

Frankly, he can hang under our umbrella any day of the week.