15 times Tom Holland stole our hearts

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1. When he couldn’t keep a spoiler to save his life

Benedict Cumberbatch deserves a medal. Cumberbatch was paired up with fellow Brit Tom for the majority of the Infinity War press tour and did his very best to stand between the press and Spider-Man’s lack of filter. He deftly stepped in for tough questions, even made himself a meme in the process, as he saved his bosses at Marvel some severe spoiler-induced headaches.

But even Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t stop some of the spoilers from leaking out. Tom Holland is Tom Holland after all, and expecting him not to accidentally reveal a spoiler is like asking an Avengers movie not to quip. He even (adorably, and possibly accidentally-on-purpose) revealed the Infinity War poster ahead of time. He opened a package from Marvel on Instagram Live and showed off the poster before reading the accompanying note which said “CONFIDENTIAL: Please do not share.”

But perhaps Tom’s worst (but still completely heartwarming) case of Spoileritis came when he was on the home straight. Infinity War was out, people were about to see it, and one LA theatre was excited to see Spider-Man himself when he joined them for a surprise. Little did they know, they would get more than they bargained for when Holland alluded to Spider-Man’s fate in the movie, introducing himself with “I’m alive.”

Tom Holland is quite lucky that he is Tom Holland because Marvel fans take their spoilers very seriously. But Tom’s inability to keep a secret when it comes to the MCU is the stuff of legend at this point, so who can even be annoyed? It’s classic Holland and we love him for it.

Plus, you try and stay mad at that lad. It’s impossible. He’s an angel.