Watch Cardi B get married in her new Be Careful music video


Unlike Meghan Markle, Cardi B needs a little more pizazz when it comes to her wedding outfit. And a few more choice words in her vows.

The Bronx queen released a new music video Monday for her single “Be Careful,” one of the tracks off her debut album Invasion of Privacy. It is very clear that Cardi B’s poetic verses are referring to an unfaithful man, and our girl is here to get her revenge on.

The video begins with Cardi driving through a Western landscape, possibly Joshua Tree National Park. Next, we see her in a church, dressed as a bride and, naturally, draped in diamonds. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the singer/songwriter. (Also, did anyone else feel a few Kill Bill vibes here?)

The video then immediately jumps to a number of guests entering a church, followed by a snazzy-dressed man. When he shows up, you just know that he’s the one we need to look out for. The queen arrives and has a very angelic moment marrying what seems to be the love of her life at the time. Don’t get too excited though. The setting gets somber real quick.

While exchanging vows, we get glimpses of a darker-dressed Cardi traveling in a much more Gothic glam get-up. She makes her way to another location where she’s attending the funeral of that very same husband. It’s very clear he has done something bad and she’s not happy with him. After slamming the casket top, she heads out into the darkness.

Did she kill him? We don’t know. But she did warn him to “be careful” with her.

This may be the last of Cardi that we see for a while, seeing as she is having her baby soon. The platinum-blonde beauty leaves us looking fabulous in true Cardi B fashion, and even her baby was able to come along for the ride.

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