15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Andy’s mom (Toy Story)

Though we don’t see a ton of Andy’s mom in Toy Story, we do hear her quite a bit. She finally got some much-deserved screen time in Toy Story 3, but she did a ton for the story before that.

First and foremost, let’s just talk about how many toys Andy has. The franchise is called Toy Story; it couldn’t exist unless Andy had all those toys. And he wouldn’t have had them if his mother hadn’t bought them for him.

Odds are, she got those for him all on her own. In all three movies, Andy’s father isn’t mentioned once. So she managed to provide for both Andy and his sister, without any help. She even got the kids a dog at the end of the first movie.

But Andy’s mom might be an even bigger piece of the story than the writers let on.

There’s a popular theory amongst fans that Andy’s mom is actually Emily, Jessie the Cowgirl’s former owner. In the beginning of Toy Story, Andy is seen wearing a red cowboy hat that looks eerily similar to Jessie’s own hat.

If Andy’s mom really is Emily, the circle would be complete and she will have passed down her own toys to her son.