15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Sarabi (The Lion King)

The Lion King may be centered around the relationship that Simba has with his father, but his mother still deserves some props.

Sarabi doesn’t say much in the film, but when she does, it leaves a mark. Her standout moment is in the back half of the film, just before Simba returns to Pride Rock. Sarabi is the only one who has the audacity to stand up to Scar, and does it with grace, poise and a whole lot of sass.

When Scar asks why the hunting parties haven’t brought back any food lately, Sarabi isn’t afraid to tell him the truth. His rule over the Pridelands, and except for the hyenas, has driven away the herds. Thus, there’s no food left for the hunting parties to even find.

Sarabi makes it very clear that Scar is a poor leader, even throwing Mufasa’s legacy in his face. It’s the harsh truth that everyone knows, and Scar does not want to hear it. It’s also the moment that allows Simba to reveal himself.

When Scar knocks Sarabi to the ground, Simba won’t stand for it. She reminds him of the strength within him, and where he gets it from. Forever and always, all hail Queen Sarabi!