15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Mrs. Montez (High School Musical)

If there’s one place to find parents on screen, it’s a DCOM. And the best DCOM mom of all was Gabriella’s in the High School Musical franchise. She appears in all three movies, and in all likelihood, she’s a single mom.

Throughout all three HSM films, there was only one mention of Gabriella’s father. When Troy worries about actually having waltz at prom, Gabriella mentions that her dad taught her a little when she was a kid.

Outside of that, he’s never seen or mentioned, so it’s logical to think that for whatever reason, he’s no longer in the picture. It’s possible that Mrs. Montez raised Gabriella all on her own, an impressive feat in itself.

But toss in the fact that they constantly moved for Mrs. Montez’s job, and it’s even more impactful. All that moving could’ve easily made Gabriella bitter and rebellious. But she has a great relationship with her mom, something that was clearly cultivated.

They’re even close enough that Mrs. Montez was willing to cover for Gabriella when Troy came to apologize in the original HSM.

And let’s not forget, Mrs. Montez makes the best brownies. Both Troy and Ryan confirmed that in High School Musical 2.