15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Ms. Squibbles (Monsters University)

Of all Disney moms on this list, Ms. Squibbles might seem like an odd choice. But hear me out.

She’s the ultimate House Mother for the men of Oozma Kappa in Monsters University. Ms. Squibbles lets the fraternity use her home as a meeting spot, even serving as a chauffeur when needed.

At one point in the movie, “chauffeur” becomes synonymous with “getaway driver.” When Mike finds a way to inspire the group, she’s more than happy to help out. In her minivan — or, monster van? —  she takes the guys over to Monsters, Inc.

Most moms wouldn’t drive their son and his frat brothers anywhere after hours, and especially not somewhere where they’d be trespassing. But Ms. Squibbles is content waiting in the car with her tunes. (Those tunes are heavy metal songs because she’s as hardcore as she is sweet).

When the boys come running out of the building with security hot on their tails, she doesn’t freak out. She doesn’t hear them right away, but she doesn’t freak out. Ms. Squibbles simply starts the car and speeds off.

For having so little screen time in the film, she is seriously memorable and deserves to be recognized for the rockstar she is.