15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Gwen Piper (Halloweentown)

Watching Halloweentown as a kid, Gwen Piper takes some warming up to. She seems strict and stifling, which is especially rough at Halloween. She didn’t want her kids going out, and as we quickly learn, she’s been intentionally ignoring their powers in the hopes they’d disappear.

Now, looking back on the movie as an adult, it becomes clear that Gwen was actually pretty great. In her eyes, she really was doing what was best for her kids by keeping their magic from them.

Eventually, she does come around. When Kalabar threatens her own mother, Gwen steps up and tries to defend her. Unfortunately, she’s a little rusty and ends up being captured herself. But at the end of the day, both she and Aggie wake up, thanks to Marnie and her siblings.

Seeing how much potential Marnie truly has, Gwen decides to oversee her daughter’s training personally. For the rest of the franchise, she’s a powerful, supporting witch and mom which, in any other realm, might sound like an insult.

She’s a key part of saving the day in two of the four movies (no matter how much we want to forget that fourth one) and ends up raising three powerful children.

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So this Mother’s Day, let’s not forget these 15 Disney moms. Have anyone else you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments.