15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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“Incredibles 2 Official Trailer.” Still via YouTube/Disney-Pixar.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a Disney movie. Here are some of Disney’s best mother/daughter moments.

There’s no bond quite like a mother and a daughter. It’s deep and complicated and oftentimes inspiring. In other words, it’s perfect for Disney.

But in most Disney movies, the heroine has a plucky sidekick to help her through her adventure. Ariel had Sebastian and Flounder, Mulan had Mushu, and Snow White had the seven dwarves. It’s not often that a parent helps with, or even kicks off a story.

It does happen though. And when it does, the moments are pretty amazing. So, with Mother’s Day coming up, what better time than to look back on these moments?

Moms and daughters fight. It’s an inevitable part of the relationship. But every now and then, those fights are pretty hilarious. And every time, they lead to a heartwarming make-up scene. Both those fights and those reconciliations make it onto this list.

There’s also just good, old-fashioned awkward moments. Either way, these interactions tend to give audiences the feels every single time. From 1998 to 2016, this list will focus on some of the best, funniest and most emotional moments in Disney history.

These are, in no particular order, 15 of the best mother/daughter moments in Disney movies.