15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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15. Sina sends off Moana

Sometimes, finding who you really are means leaving everything you know and everyone you love. It’s hard, but it’s a necessary sacrifice, one that Moana was fully willing to make.

All through her childhood, she felt called to the water. She wanted to be out on the ocean more than anything, and the ocean wanted her too. But being next in line to be Chief put a slight hiccup in Moana’s plan. Having an overprotective father stopped her altogether.

Chief Tui knew the dangers of the ocean firsthand. All he wanted was for Moana to stay on the island where she was safe, and eventually take the reigns from him. Moana’s mother was a different story.

She empathized with Moana but ultimately understood where her husband was coming from, and supported him. So, after Gramma Tala died, Moana ran off to begin her journey, with or without her parents’ support.

This time, Sina came through. When she discovered Moana packing to make her exit, she looked heartbroken. But ultimately, she sends Moana off with love. It’s a quick, unspoken moment, but one that speaks volumes.

The emotions of the scene are really driven home, given that this all happens during a reprise of “How Far I’ll Go.” It’s the ultimate “I Want” song, with the perfect dose of motherly love.