Wanderlusters, here’s your chance to cruise around the world in 245 days


Forget the classic novel Around the World in 80 days. The new Viking Ultimate World Cruise offers travel enthusiasts the definitive global cruise around the world.

Travel is becoming more and more extravagant. From the uber-luxurious hotels to the newest ultimate cruise, travelers believe that the world is their oyster. But, how many days would you be willing to dedicate to traveling the world?

Recently, Viking Cruises announced its ultimate journey of a lifetime. Set to sail in 2019, the Viking Sun will journey to six continents, 113 cities and ports. To complete this epic adventure, the cruise will last 245 days.

Viking Sun, Viking Ultimate Cruise, photo provided by Viking

Let’s be real, only a small amount of people can commit to 245 days of consecutive travel. Even a person who works remotely may not be able to take this trip.

Now there are a few shorter segments offered. Viking notes in their statement about the cruise that guests “can choose between Viking World Treasures, a 127-day sailing from London to Los Angeles that visits 33 countries and 61 ports, or Viking World Wonders, a 119-day journey from Los Angeles to London that visits 29 countries and 55 ports.”

For the lucky travelers who do embark on this journey, they must have the time and a large sum of money. The cost of this ultimate journey around the world starts at around $93,000. Sure, airfare is included, but that cost is more than many people’s annual salary. What else could you buy with $93,000? A Hermes bag, a sports car or maybe a nice diamond ring are many options. Many people, who have this type of bank, would prefer to make travel memories with that investment.

While this trip itinerary is quite impressive, I was somewhat surprised that the trip doesn’t include more stops in Africa. While the trip does go to Egypt, I would have thought that stops around South Africa or the Maldives would have been nice. My guess is that some of these areas aren’t quite conducive for this cruise ship.

Also, if Southern African stops were included, the trip would definitely hit a full year of travel. It would take so much time to traverse the Southern parts of Africa. Maybe the next version of this ultimate cruise will be even bigger.

If I had that random $100K for travel (the extra is for the souvenirs), my favorite experiences on this cruise would be stops in Egypt, China, and Australia. The numerous other ports are amazing, but these three locales are places that I haven’t visited. Often when I travel, I try to visit a new destination or try a new experience.

Some tourists hold the same opinion. From crossing off a bucket list trip to visiting the world’s natural wonders, vacations are going far beyond a quick getaway. While exploring the world can be educational, it can have detriments.

As tourism grows, many natural wonders are falling prey to the increased visits. For example, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is turning grey due to pollution. These travelers will be fortunate to see the Great Barrier Reef’s natural beauty before it disappears. Those travel memories might be worth the hefty price tag.

For many people, this type of one-in-a-lifetime cruise is so appealing because the cruise ship is like a traveling home. Once on board and unpacked, the guests don’t have to pack/unpack again. The focus is on enjoying the moment and making those travel memories. The mundane and tedious travel headaches are gone. All the guests do is sit back and enjoy.

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While I don’t have the funds to purchase a ticket on the Viking Sun Ultimate World Cruise, I can still dream about this trip. Until my lottery windfall comes, I will just keep planning this trip in my head.