2018 travel trends: Crossing off that bucket list trip


Do you have a bucket list trip that you’re yearning to take? One of the top 2018 travel trends shows that more travelers will be working on that list.

Travel experiences come in all types. From extravagant to convenient, more people are traveling. Travel growth effects travel trends. Instead of accumulating physical possessions, people are looking to create experiences. Specifically, a bucket list trip is more likely than ever. But, where are people going on that bucket list?

According to a recent Booking.com survey, 82% of travelers with a bucket list want to take one of those trips in 2018. People aren’t waiting for the “right” time to travel.

Travel trends, bucket list trips, photo by Cristine Struble

They want to seize the moment and take that once in a lifetime experience. But where does this bucket list trip take them?

From that same study, travelers are looking to see one of the wonders of the world. Usually, this type of trip is a larger, more expensive travel excursion. But, travelers are willing to spend the money to experience these locales and create travel memories.

Travelers seem to have the need to experience locales before they are gone. While the Great Pyramids have stood for thousands of years, there is no guarantee that they will always be standing. The same can be said of places like Stonehenge, the Venice canals, or other historic locales. Would you rather have the experience now or wait? More and more travelers aren’t waiting.

Travel trends, bucket list trips, photo by Cristine Struble

Wonders of the world can be in a fragile state. From pollution concerns to increased population, the wonders of the world are effected. For example, a look at the Great Barrier Reef shows that the brightly colored coral has gone gray. Rhinos and elephants are being hunted by poachers. Fear could be driving travelers to experience these wonders of the world before they disappear. The increased demand drives up the travel costs.

The increase in travel costs can happen anywhere. The National Park Service announced it’s looking to increase admission fees. For example, more and more travelers want to visit Yosemite National Park. With the higher demand, and potential impact to the natural state, the National Park Service will charge a higher admission. The cost isn’t necessarily greed, rather it helps to fund restorative measures. Still, travelers are willing to pay for the bucket list trip experience.

Cape Town , South Africa – Travel trends, bucket list trips, photo by Cristine Struble

I was one of those people who was willing to pay for the bucket list trip experience. Previously, I took my family on an African safari. While I probably could have taken four small vacations for the price of that extravagant vacation, I don’t regret a single penny spent. The family memories and experiences that we had on that trip are relived often. From the pictures on my walls to the food on our travel, that trip impacted our lives tremendously.

True, I could have waited till my kids were older, but would the big five animals still be roaming throughout Africa? Every day there is another story on endangered animals, poachers and the overall plight of the world’s animal population. Our family seized the opportunity instead of waiting for the supposed “right” time to travel. It was a once in a lifetime experience that is held quite dear.

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While bucket list trips are just one of the 2018 travel trends, this travel trend seems to have hit home with many travelers. Will you be taking a bucket list trip in 2018?