Travel Tuesday: 5 reasons that millennials choose cruise vacations


Wanderlust captures the attention of many millennials. Cruise vacations are becoming more popular with this group of travelers.

Scrolling through friends’ Instagram feeds can inspire the next great vacation. From exotic locations to quick getaways, vacation options are many. Millennials don’t want to be left at home when everyone else is traveling the globe. One of the biggest growing travel options is cruise vacations.

A vacation set on the open sea is becoming more popular for five big reasons. They focus on cost, convenience and opportunities. With so many options available, it is understandable that cruising isn’t just for older crowds and families anymore.

Many people in their 20s first experienced cruises as a child, with family summer vacations or spring breaks spent on Disney cruise lines or Carnival Cruise ships. These family inclusive vacations introduced the millennial group to cruising and its vast vacation options.

Now, with the opportunity to choose their own vacations, millennials choose cruise vacations for five main reasons.


Many cruise lines offer accommodations, meals and activities included in the fare. The vacationers don’t have to worry about extra costs for dinners or evening entertainment. During the cruise, all of these items are included. The situation makes for easier vacation budgeting. While adult beverages, excursions and other special events aren’t included in the cruise fare, the vast majority of items are included. For millennials who want a vacation but have a tight budget, cruises can be a great option.

Convenient homeports

Cruise vacations depart from many different locations. From the Florida to Texas and other seaside locations, cruising is easily accessible. Depending on the location, some vacationers don’t even have to fly to the port of departure. Once on the cruise, the vacationers can venture off to the Caribbean, Mexico or other exotic locales.

Visit multiple destinations easily

No one likes packing and unpacking. Cruises appeal to millennials because they can visit multiple exotic locales and only unpack once. As the ship docks in different ports, the vacationers can visit various countries in one location with minimal hassle. In many cases, the ship changes location at night and the next day is at a new locale. Who wouldn’t want to travel from country to country easily?

Short cruises are affordable

Sometimes millennials only have a long weekend to take a vacation. Shorter cruises appeal to people who want to get away, but don’t have a huge budget. A short cruise can offer a complete getaway at a reasonable price. Once onboard the ship, the all-inclusive amenities make the vacation feel all encompassing. From fun ports of call to numerous activities on board, the short vacation feels like a huge adventure.


Sometimes while traveling abroad internet connections may be spotty or expensive. Most cruise ships offer convenient Wi-Fi options while on board. Of course, there are costs associated with connectivity. Still, if you can’t wait to share all your favorite vacation moments on social media, cruise ships can make it convenient to do so.

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Have you recently been on a cruise? Which cruise line has been your favorite and why?