Everything we want from Santa Clarita Diet in season 3


Santa Clarita Diet is coming back for even more fun, zombies, and drama. Netflix announced that season 3 is happening, and we can’t wait.

Big news from Netflix! The streaming service announced that Santa Clarita Diet will be returning for a third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This means we get even more of Drew Barrymore eating people and Timothy Olyphant awkwardly trying to kill people for his wife and stay out of trouble at the same time.

The announcement came in the form of a video tweeted by the Santa Clarita Diet account on Twitter, which said “when 2 seasons isn’t enough.” In the video, Barrymore and Olyphant are standing in a kitchen prepared for a day of real estate sales as they ask, “shall we look at our future?” Clearly, the future is “more,” and that is excellent news for fans of the series.

After the way season 2 ended, it is safe to say that there are quite a few things fans need to know. Plus, the show is just plain fun, which means we need more of it in our lives anyway!

If you have seen all of the second season, then you know that there are quite a few different directions the third season can take. With a number of loose ends and an ending that was essentially a cliffhanger, there seems to be a lot to look forward to now that we know Santa Clarita Diet is coming back.

One of the loose ends that the third season could potentially address was the rather mysterious duo that seemed to be trying to put an end to the zombie outbreak. Together, the couple always appeared to be a few steps ahead of Olyphant’s Joel and Barrymore’s Sheila, as they tried to not only figure out how the outbreak started, but also stop it from spreading.

While the strange couple seemed to have completed whatever mission they were on when they seemingly destroyed the supply of clams that apparently infected Sheila and the other zombies in town… we want to know more. Where did these two come from and how did they get into the business of stopping the zombie apocalypse?

Maybe it’s just me but I also want more of Nathan Fillion’s Gary West. While he may only be a talking zombie head at this point, he still has had quite a bit to say. Not only did Gary and Joel really seem to connect in season 2, but his character really evolved once he died.

Although Gary wanted to die for real at the end of season 2, with the way things went down in the season finale, it seems like there could be more fun and adventure in store for his zombie head. Plus, it was really nice for Joel to have someone to commiserate with who wasn’t Sheila or his daughter, Abby.

Speaking of Abby, who else wants to see what happens next between Abby and her neighbor friend, Eric? After everything they had to deal with when it came to Eric’s stepfather, Dan, who Joel actually killed, seeing these two get closer together was definitely fulfilling. The fact that these two finally shared a kiss because they thought they were going to be separated was definitely an exciting development as well.

With Dan out of the way, you would think that maybe life would be easier for Joel and Sheila now that the crooked cop next door was gone. However, that definitely didn’t happen once the sheriff’s deputy Anne stepped in to take his place in Eric’s life. Now that Anne is dating Eric’s mom and looking into not only his disappearance but also all of the other weird occurrences in the area, Joel and Shelia are definitely not out of the woods.

Of course, with Anne figuring out that there was a connection between Dan’s disappearance and Sheila in the season 2 finale, it makes sense that season 3 would deal with the fallout from that.

Who else wants to see what happens now that Anne knows Sheila and Joel’s secret?

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Those aren’t the only things we want to know more about either, as there is still the origin of this zombie virus to figure out. Plus, figuring out what happens now that Abby and Eric have apparently blown up the fracking site they were trying to destroy. Then there is the idea that Anne seems to think that Sheila is really an “instrument of God.” What happens next for Sheila and Joel?

There really are quite a few threads that the third season of Santa Clarita Diet can pick up on when it returns in 2019. While there are likely plenty of new twists, turns, and stories in store for all of us, hopefully the questions we still have will be answered.