Killing Eve episode 5 live stream: Watch I Have a Thing About Bathrooms online


Killing Eve continues this Sunday with a brand new episode. Here’s all the info you need to watch “I Have a Thing About Bathrooms” online.

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The ending of last week’s Killing Eve was the series’ first major cliffhanger. The episode featured Villanelle stalking an MI-5 mole through the British countryside, just as Eve attempted to track down the same person. (That person turned out to be Frank, so many of us probably had conflicting emotions about who should win in the end.)

Anyway, the episode concluded with Villanelle stalking over a hill and taking aim with a gun. (She basically looked like the Terminator. And it was all kinds of awesome.) Her target: A car that included Eve, Elena and Frank. But when the screen cut to black as a gunshot rang, but we couldn’t tell if anyone got hit.

The wait for a new episode has felt extremely long as a result.

The looming threat of death isn’t the only thing upping the stakes here. This is Eve and Villanelle’s first meeting. Or, at least, the first meeting when each of them knows who the other is. (Villanelle spying on Eve in Berlin doesn’t count.) It’s been a long time coming,  and we’re all beyond excited to see what happens.

At least the official synopsis confirms outright that both Eve and Villanelle make it through their first encounter with one another:

"Having survived a terrifying close call with Villanelle, Eve now has the mole ensconced in a safe house and is buzzing. They have an exciting opportunity to glean information and crack this thing open."

Watch the trailer for “I Have a thing About Bathrooms” for yourselves below.

BBC America also released a sneak peek scene touting the long-awaited meeting between Villanelle and Eve.

Also, the BBC America social media accounts are full of dire warnings to make sure to watch live this week. Why? Well, they say something explosive/spoilery will happen. Now, this could be a network just looking to gin up some ratings. But given how unpredictable this show is, better safe than sorry!

Here are all the details you need to watch the next episode of Killing Eve online:

"Date: Sunday, May 6Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “I Have a Thing About Bathrooms”Channel: BBC AmericaLive Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on the BBC America website or app."

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Killing Eve airs Sunday, May 6 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America. Be sure to check back here at Culturess on Monday for our review of the episode!