15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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12. Nala supports Kiara’s hunt

Given how adventurous and occasionally reckless he was as a cub, it definitely makes sense that Simba was an overprotective dad. It happens to everyone when they become a parent; they remember the crazy things they did when they were younger and want their kids to do nothing of the sort.

Dads tend to be especially protective if they have daughters. But Simba pushed things a bit. He rarely let Kiara out of his sight, and when he did, he sent Timon and Pumbaa to be his eyes.

All a teenage girl — or lioness — really wants is a bit of independence. So when it comes time for her first solo hunt, Kiara is hopeful that Simba will let her do things on her own. He’s reluctant to do so until Nala shoots him a look.

It can be easy to say no to your kid; your wife, not so much.

Nala knows what her daughter wants, and is on her side. She also knows that Kiara is fully capable of handling herself. What makes the moment truly perfect is her reassuring of Kiara. In a big moment like that, the words “you’ll do just fine” go a long way.

Considering how strong and confident Nala was as a cub, her mothering style also makes a lot of sense.