15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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11. Elastigirl comforts Violet

Mother/daughter relationships can get pretty rocky during the teenage years. It’s a time for figuring out who you are, all while balancing hormones and stress. Violet Parr mostly kept to herself, but that doesn’t make her immune to it all.

She fought with her mom like any other girl would. Of course, they aren’t just any mother/daughter duo. They have actual superpowers. As a result, they kind of have super fights.

Violet was a quiet girl, but she had a knack for sarcasm. When she did jump into the conversation, it was usually pretty biting. She whips out her silver tongue after sneaking onto Elastigirl’s plane with Dash, when her mother accuses them of leaving their baby brother alone.

Tensions were already high on the plane and suddenly being under siege by missiles didn’t help the matter. So when it becomes clear that the attack won’t be called off, Helen barks at Violet to put a force field around the plane.

Unfortunately, it’s out of her depth and the plane is hit. They make it out okay, but Violet is shaken and feels guilty for not being able to help.

It can be hard to admit when you’re wrong, especially for a mom. But Elastigirl fully owns what happened, and finds the perfect way to comfort her daughter.