15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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13. Rapunzel meets Queen Arianna

It’s hard to live your entire life as a prisoner. It’s even harder not knowing you’re a prisoner.

Sure, Rapunzel always felt like she was being restrained, but she also had a fear of the world instilled in her thanks to Mother Gothel. As much as she wanted to get out, there was a part of her that was terrified, as we saw in one of the “When Will My Life Begin” reprises.

But Rapunzel had no idea she was a true hostage. She spent her whole life thinking that Gothel was her real, very overprotective mother. She had no reason to think otherwise.

So when Rapunzel finally does enter the real world, it’s not surprising that she’s afraid, but generally trusting. Even in a bar full of thugs, Rapunzel manages to have faith, and even call them out for coming after Flynn.

When she learns the truth, it’d be totally understandable if Rapunzel became skeptical, if not altogether cynical, about new people. But she didn’t. That might be a trait she got from her real mother.

Seeing Rapunzel for the first time after 18 years, Queen Arianna doesn’t hesitate. She looks deep into Rapunzel’s eyes and knows that her daughter has returned home. It’s a powerful moment, with no words needed.