15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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14. Eudora reminds Tiana what’s important

Tiana isn’t like most Disney princesses. She’s not trapped in a tower or put under a curse — at least not directly. The only reason Tiana falls victim to Dr. Facilier’s voodoo magic is because she was trying to help Prince Naveen be free of it.

But what really makes Tiana different is that she works hard and makes her own living. She sticks to the lesson she learned from her father: “Fairytales can come true, but you gotta make them happen.”

Her particular fairytale is owning and operating her own restaurant. It’s an ambitious goal, and one that takes time, dedication and two jobs to make a down payment on the property. Of course, Tiana is more than willing to do what it takes.

She’s fiercely determined, almost to a fault. Luckily, she has her wonderful mother Eudora to remind her that work isn’t everything. Just before Tiana breaks into “Almost There,” Eudora gently reminds her that at some point, she wants some grandchildren.

We can all use a gentle nudge from our moms sometimes. It’s what they’re good at. And in the end, Eudora’s reminder is exactly what Tiana comes to fully understand. The road to get there was a bit slimy, but she got there.