A new Star Wars casting call has fans speculating about Episode IX


A new casting call for Star Wars Episode IX has fans questioning where this movie is going to take us.

Star Wars Episode IX has a lot of holes to patch up. From the death of Carrie Fisher to John Boyega growing his hair out to play Finn, we don’t really know what we’re in for. First, there was a casting call for a character named “MARA” which, in Star Wars lore, is a big deal.

We don’t have any information on a character description or an age for “MARA” but we do have some news about a character named Caro. The Hashtag Show shared the exclusive casting notice news, describing Caro as being “leader and problem solver, smart with a great sense of humor and a strong will. All this comes to her effortlessly.”

Also noted as having a “captivating naturalness and ease to her manner”, Caro could easily become the head of any group. Whether that would be for the resistance or another isn’t clear. Or perhaps she becomes an ally for Rey and Finn? A lot of this movie is still up in the air after all the action in The Last Jedi.

It is interesting to note that Caro has a character description to go with the call whereas the character known as “MARA” still has nothing. Truth be told, if “MARA” ends up being an older woman, it confirms a bit of the speculation that she is, in fact, the Mara Jade from the extended universe.

As with everything Star Wars, we have to wait and see what comes out of these casting calls when the movie actually premieres. Unfortunately for us all, there’s still quite a bit of time since they haven’t even begun filming Episode IX. (Deep sigh)

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Star Wars Episode IX is slated to come out in theaters December of 2019. Keep up with Culturess for more news on the film as they begin production.