Star Wars Episode IX spoilers: Mara Jade might be back


Don’t know who Mara Jade is? Well, you should maybe find out, because she might be coming to Star Wars Episode IX.

Mara Jade is a character beloved from the Star Wars EU. After Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, an entire extended universe existed, one that was canon until Disney bought Lucasfilm. Fans flocked to new issues of comics and books to see where our favorite characters were.

The problem? Well, when The Force Awakens came out, we were told that the EU was no longer canon. Still, many of us think that it is and they said such so we wouldn’t figure out the plot of the new trilogy so quickly.

So now, there is a rumor from That Hashtag Show that a character named Mara is to be cast for Episode IX. What could this mean? Well, a lot of things. It could just be a call out to the Mara Jade we know and love, since we don’t know her age or her place in the Star Wars universe.

Personally, I’m hoping that this sets up the idea for a young Luke Skywalker movie. It had been in the minds of fans ever since we realized that Sebastian Stan looks like a young Mark Hamill. So what if they’re introducing Mara so they can give us a Luke Skywalker movie where he’s building the Jedi temple?

More likely, she’s going to be Rey’s mother. While in the EU, Rey would technically be more like Jaina Solo, it is very possible that this is a setup for Mara Jade and Luke to have had a love affair resulting in Rey, unbeknownst to Luke.

Granted, big old space virgin Luke Skywalker is my favorite Luke, but if he were going to be Rey’s father, I’d want it to have happened because he was in love with Mara Jade.

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We’ll have to wait and see who this “Mara” ends up being but let us hope that it is, in fact, Mara Jade!