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This season on Legion, we’re finding that we aren’t as intrigued as before. Will that change with this week’s episode or will we still be missing season 1?

Last week, Legion reminded us why we loved that first season so much. It was a character-centric piece that explored the mind of Syd while bringing David into a new aspect of her storyline. The show wasn’t so much focused on Farouk and trying to return him to his body.

Instead, we were able to explore this concept of a maze in one’s mind. Syd, who was freed from the disease, still remained and David had to save her. In the process, he was able to understand her past and more about how she came to be. It as a nice way to show the complexities of her character without her just explaining herself.

So often with these types of characters, it is all about exposition. There isn’t really any understanding and it is very one-sided. For David to be able to go into her mind and see exactly where she was coming from, it made their connection even stronger.

What does that mean for this week’s episode? Who knows, but that’s what is so brilliant about Legion. Every week is so different and new, it keeps the audience on their toes and wanting to come back. Even if we don’t like the episodes nearly as much as the first season.

Join David and the rest of Division 3 on their journey to return the Shadow King to his body.

"Date: Tuesday, May 1Start Time: 10 p.m. ETEpisode: “Chapter 13”TV Channel: FXLive Stream: You can watch live on Fubo TV with a seven-day trial or check out FX’s live stream."

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