Deadpool crashes Hugh Jackman’s birthday message, proving he’s the ultimate fan boy


Hugh Jackman shared a video on Twitter wishing a friend a happy birthday. Making a cameo in that video was his biggest fan, Deadpool.

Hugh Jackman’s got a very big fan out there in the universe, and his name is Wade Wilson… or Deadpool, if you will. So we’re sure it was nothing but amazing for Deadpool to actually be in the same room with Jackman, as evident by a video he shared on Twitter.

In the video, Jackman begins to wish a friend happy birthday from his hotel room. Then, who’s that lying on the bed in the background? It’s Deadpool!

The “least greatest showman,” as Jackman called, casually sings “Tomorrow” from Annie, and then the Tony-winning actor joins in.

Deadpool’s come a long way from admiring Jackman and wearing a creepy Hugh Jackson facemask in the first movie. He pretty much spent the whole movie obsessing about the actor who plays Wolverine, so it’s great that he’s getting to spend some quality time with his idol.

But what we’re really wondering is… what are Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds up to in the first place? Are the two just hanging out, or is Jackman here to sell us Deadpool 2?

It’d be hard to imagine X-Men’s Wolverine having a cameo in the movie because of… spoilery reasons. But a teeny, tiny Hugh Jackman cameo in the movie would be terrific (and really break that already-battered fourth wall).

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We wouldn’t mind Hugh Jackman and Deadpool singing and wishing us a happy birthday in a video. The guys got pipes! Maybe Deadpool the Musical is on the horizon. But if that doesn’t happen, you can still catch Deadpool 2 out on May 18.